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Rivière Delay

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Delay River

In the heart of Nunavik's wilderness, the Delay River flows into the Rivière du Gué, whose waters flow into the Rivière aux Mélèzes, and then into the Koksoak River, Nunavik's largest river. The end of the journey, 300 kilometers away: Ungava Bay. Landscapes of boreal forest and tundra form the backdrop to this fabulous river.

The currents of the Delay River can be violent, and particularly powerful salmon are abundant. A large proportion are estuarine salmon, making short migrations between the Koksoak River and the estuary without ever reaching the open sea.

Hundreds of pools punctuate the river, and anglers enjoy great success here, as the resource is so generous. Although salmon are king, the icy waters of the Rivière Delay are also rich in speckled trout, northern pike and lake trout. The Pourvoirie de la Rivière Delay (Delay River Outfitter) holds operating leases on part of the river, offering anglers some 20 wading pools. A unique northern experience from early July to mid-September.

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Northern Quebec

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Access to the region

By air from Quebec's major urban centers.

Northern adventure

Experience the adventure of the immense north: Nunavik's three main salmon rivers flow across lichen-strewn tundra, between glacier-rounded hills, before emptying into Ungava Bay. Untouched for the most part, these rivers offer impressive fishing potential. The combativeness of the salmon is on a par with this territory of over 500,000 square kilometers: exceptional!

These rivers flow for tens, even hundreds, of kilometers. The salmon is therefore robust enough to cover such distances, especially as it frequents the harsh waters between Greenland and Labrador. Nunavik's rivers are uniquely beautiful, as are its landscapes. From taiga to tundra, the vegetation becomes ever more northerly: coniferous forests give way to lichens and tiny, brilliantly-colored flowers. At night, the boundless horizon offers impressive aurora borealis.

Nunavik's salmon rivers are accessible only by plane. To get there, there are air links from major centers. On-site accommodation and food services are often on a par with good city hotels.

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