Fishing on the

Delay River


Delay River

In the heart of Nunavik’s immense wilderness, the Delay River initially flows into the Rivière du Gué, which in turn flows into the Rivière aux Mélèzes, which then finally empties into the Koksoak River, the largest river in Nunavik. Salmon have to travel more than 300 kilometers from Ungava Bay in order to make it up the Delay. This phenomenal river is surrounded by vast boreal forest and tundra landscapes.

The Delay River has strong currents and is home to particularly powerful and abundant salmon. A good number of these fish are said to be “estuary salmon”, meaning that these fish only make short migrations between the Koksoak River and the Ungava Bay estuary without ever swimming out into the open ocean.

The Delay has hundreds of pools where anglers find incredible success given the abundance of the river’s salmon population. While salmon is king on the Delay, these icy waters are also home to a great number of brook trout, northern pike and lake trout. Delay River Outfitters owns a lease on part of the river, where anglers can wade fish from 20 different pools. You can live the ultimate northern experience on the Delay River beginning early July to mid-September.


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