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George River

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George River

The feisty George River follows its 565-kilometre journey eastward from Ungava Bay, starting at Lac Jannière, some 175 kilometers from Schefferville. It drains a gigantic watershed of over 41,000 square kilometers along the border between Quebec and Labrador.

First Nations have always used this majestic natural corridor to reach their hunting grounds. The entire region is home to a huge 400,000-head caribou herd named after the river. Together with the Leaf River herd, it constitutes the largest caribou population in the world.

The George River has many rapids, but no falls that are impassable for Atlantic salmon. An average flow of over 3,000 cubic metres per second makes the fish particularly vigorous. Its tumultuous waters, which can only be tamed by seasoned navigators, are also frequented by landlocked salmon, anadromous brook trout and lake trout. Downstream from Hélène Falls, 64 kilometers from the river mouth, the river's tributaries support large breeding populations of Arctic char.

Outfitter Aventures Norpaq manages fishing on a section of river some 250 kilometers from the estuary, where some 30 pools offer anglers a memorable experience.


Northern Quebec

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Access to the region

By air from Quebec's major urban centers.

Northern adventure

Experience the adventure of the immense north: Nunavik's three main salmon rivers flow across lichen-strewn tundra, between glacier-rounded hills, before emptying into Ungava Bay. Untouched for the most part, these rivers offer impressive fishing potential. The combativeness of the salmon is on a par with this territory of over 500,000 square kilometers: exceptional!

These rivers flow for tens, even hundreds, of kilometers. The salmon is therefore robust enough to cover such distances, especially as it frequents the harsh waters between Greenland and Labrador. Nunavik's rivers are uniquely beautiful, as are its landscapes. From taiga to tundra, the vegetation becomes ever more northerly: coniferous forests give way to lichens and tiny, brilliantly-colored flowers. At night, the boundless horizon offers impressive aurora borealis.

Nunavik's salmon rivers are accessible only by plane. To get there, there are air links from major centers. On-site accommodation and food services are often on a par with good city hotels.

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