Fishing on the

George River


Rivière George

Rising in Lake Jannière about 175 kilometers away from Schefferville, the mighty George River flows 565 kilometers down to the eastern part of Ungava Bay. It drains a gigantic watershed of more than 41,000 square kilometers along the Quebec-Labrador border.

First Nations have always used this impressive and wild waterway to reach their traditional hunting grounds. In fact, the entire region is home to a huge herd of 400,000 caribou, bearing the same name as the river. Combined with the Leaf River herd, they constitute the largest caribou population in the world.

The George River has plenty of rapids, but there are no waterfalls along its course which cannot be conquered by Atlantic salmon. The river’s average flow of over 3,000 cubic meters per second makes for particularly strong fish. These rough waters should only be tamed by experienced boatsmen. The George River is also home to landlocked salmon, anadromous brook trout and lake trout. The river’s tributaries found below Helen Falls, located 64 kilometers from the mouth, provide ideal spawning grounds for large populations of Arctic char.

Norpaq Adventures manages the sport fishery on a river section located approximately 250 kilometers from the estuary. Here, there are some 30 pools, which consistently provide anglers with some of the most unforgettable fishing experiences in the world.



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