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Basic rules

What is an access right?

The access right is a document which proves that the fisherman has permission to fish in a specific area of the river. The access right does not replace the requirement to hold for a provincial fishing permit for salmon. The access right should be presented, upon demand, to a protect wildlife officer or an assistant to the protection of wildlife or an area warden.


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There is two (2) different types of fishing sectors on salmon rivers:

  • There are sectors where the access is not limited to a specific number of anglers, it is called « a limited access sector.
  • There are sectors where the access is limited to a specific number of anglers fishing, it is called « a limited access sector ».

Online, you may buy access rights for open sectors of certain rivers.


To buy online a access right, you must:

  1. A retailer (most of the time the operator of a river) selling access rights through Salmon Quebec website, must validate you identity. Ref.: Regulation respecting salmon fishing controlled zones Act respecting the conservation and development of wildlife (chapter C-61.1, ss. 110 and 162), section II, Registration and assignment: - That person shall comply with the following registration procedure: (1)  identify himself or herself with the person’s name and address, an identification number and, where applicable, the number of the person’s fishing licence;

2. A valid salmon fishing permit recorded in your Salmon Quebec account.

3. Be connected to your Salmon Quebec account (login).

4. Have updated credit card information into your Salmon Quebec account (add credit information in my account)


Terms and conditions:

Before proceeding with a purchase online, you read the Salmon Quebec terms and conditions.


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