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What is an access right?

The right of access is a registration document showing that the fisherman has permission to fish in a specific territory. The right of access does not replace the requirement for a provincial license. The access right should be presented on request to protect wildlife officer, an assistant to the protection of wildlife or an area warden.


Do I need an access pass to fish for salmon?

To fish in controlled harvesting zones (ZECs) and wildlife reserves, in addition to your fishing licence, you must obtain a fishing access pass and adhere to the stipulated dates and locations.


Where can I get it?

Fishing access passes are available at the check stations and offices of controlled harvesting zones (ZECs), wildlife reserves and outfitters. They can also be obtained from certain sales agents, such as fishing shops and convenience stores, often located close to the check stations at salmon rivers, that have been authorized by the land manager.


Should I have on me my access right while fishing ?

You should carry your fishing access pass with you and present it upon request to any wildlife protection officer, wildlife protection assistant or area warden. You can also place your access pass on the dashboard of your vehicle so that it can be read from outside the vehicle.