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What types of salmon fishing licences are available?

To fish for salmon in Quebec, anglers must have a sport fishing licence for anadromous Atlantic salmon. A salmon sport fishing licence is required to fish for:

  • salmon and other species in salmon rivers during the salmon fishing season;
  • salmon present elsewhere, outside of salmon rivers.


In a salmon river, fishing for other species, do I need a permit?

To fish for other species (e.g., sea-run brook trout) in salmon rivers outside the salmon fishing season, only the sport fishing licence for species other than salmon is required.


What type of permits for salmon fishing are available?

There are three types of licences for sport fishing for anadromous Atlantic salmon. The pricing for these licences is set by the Government of Québec and differs for residents and non-residents, as shown below.

Types of licences    Residents   Non-residents
Annual fishing licence $ 48.46  $ 155.50 
One-day licence $ 21.13 $ 41.41
Licence for mendatory catch-and-release of salmon $ 21.13 $ 41.41 

Residents of Quebec should request a sport fishing licence for anadromous Atlantic salmon for residents. Those who do not live in the province should request a sport fishing licence for non-residents.

Note : Any person domiciled in Québec and having resided there for at least 183 days in the year preceding his fishing activities is considered resident


What other types of  fishing license available?

There are several types of  permits for fishing other species. Permits are regulated by the Government of Quebec, pricing are based on the origin of the fisherman (resident or non-resident of Quebec).

Type of licence    Residents  Non-residents 
Aged less than 65 $ 30.13  $ 77.61
65 and over $ 17.20  $ 77.61 
Annual license with mandatory release $ 12.41  $ 30.42 
7 consecutive days not available $ 46.76 
3 consecutive days $ 12.41  $ 31.10 
1 day not available $ 18.12

Note : Any person domiciled in Québec and having resided there for at least 183 days in the year preceding his fishing activities is considered resident


My youngster also needs a license?

  • Children under 18 years old and students between 18 and 24 years old can fish without a licence if they are accompanied by a person 18 or over who has a fishing licence for the sector, in compliance with the regulations.
  • Students between 18 and 24 can fish without having to buy their own licence, by using the licence of a parent or the spouse of a parent. In this case, the student must have both their valid student ID card and their parent’s (or parent’s spouse’s) fishing licence in his or her possession when fishing.

Note : Children and students who fish using another person’s fishing licence are subject to the same rules as the licence holder, particularly with regard to access quotas, closed seasons and restrictions on fishing gear.


Can I buy several permits for salmon fishing?

The answer is no, one may obtain or possess:

  • more than one annual salmon fishing licence;
  • a one-day licence if they already have an annual licence;
  • a one-day licence if they have already caught and kept seven salmon during the year.

You can get an mendatory catch-and-release salmon fishing permit at any time, even if you already have an annual or one-day premit.


Where to get your fishing licence ?

Salmon sport fishing licences are available at the check stations and offices of controlled harvesting zones (ZECs), wildlife reserves and outfitters. Licences can also be obtained from certain merchants such as fishing shops and convenience stores, often located close to the check stations at salmon rivers, which have been authorized by the Government of Québec.