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Is sport fishing regulated in Quebec?

In Quebec, fishing, hunting and trapping are outdoor activities regulated. The Quebec Fishery Regulations comes from the federal jurisdiction of Fisheries Act which delegates to the Quebec government the power to amend certain terms applicable to sport fishing.


Who manages Quebec’s salmon sport fisheries?

The Ministère des Forêts, de la Faune et des Parcs (MFFP) administers all regulations affecting salmon, their habitat and the management of salmon fisheries and rivers. Every year, the MFFP publishes the main rules and regulations that apply to fishing for anadromous Atlantic salmon (salmon that return from sea to spawn in rivers), which is the only type of salmon that frequent Quebec’s rivers.

Before practicing an outdoor activity which could be subject to regulations, we strongly encourage people to review the rules that apply to each of these activities (See the main rules for sport fishing - french).

Can regulations change during the season?

During the season, it is possible that the Ministry changes the rules of sport fishing. To be kept informed of changes, you may contact the regional office concerned or consult the "Main rules" on the MFFP site section.


Who manages the salmon sport fishing in Quebec?

The MFFP delegates management of the salmon sport fishing rivers to three types of operators who provide to anglers the access to rivers; each operator has its functions in a different ways:

  • Controlled harvesting zones (called “ZECs,” for the French “zones d’exploitation contrôlées”);
  • Wildlife reserves;
  • Outfitters (pourvoiries in French).

All three types of operators focus on conserving and developing aquatic wildlife, while providing good access to the rivers and exceptional fishing.


A territory, may there be many types of operators?

Sometimes several operators manage different sections of the same salmon river. Other operators are responsible for managing rivers on private lands that are also subject to agreements with the Ministry. Finally, certain sections of some rivers are privately owned.