How to get started


If you don’t know anything about salmon fishing or if you’ve already started out but would like to take it a step further, we recommend that you take part in an introductory activity.

By yourself, with your friends or with your family, you can learn it all on Quebec’s rivers! There are plenty of affordable fly fishing classes that are accessible to everyone, young or old, novice or experienced.

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  • Salmon and brook trout life cycle
  • Equipment and types of flies to use
  • Fly casting techniques and knots
  • How to “read” a salmon river and its pools
  • How to navigate the river
  • Safety rules, code of ethics, and angler rotation
  • Where and how to wade fish and fish from a canoe
  • Catch-and-release of salmon


In most cases the registration fee will include:

  • a fishing licence (always carry it with you);
  • a right of access to the river where the course is held (always carry it with you);
  • fishing gear: rod, reel, boots, etc.


You will be provided with a list of the things that you should already have. For example:

  • flies | Flies are fragile, so you’ll need to get some before the activity. You will be able to get flies at the location where the event is being held;
  • scissors or nippers | Nippers will be helpful when you are tying the fly to the line. It will allow you to trim the excess line.
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Youth Day

Women's Day

Fishing School

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