Practical guide for salmon fishing

Tool for the beginner angler


Tool for the beginner angler

Aspiring salmon anglers may need a little help when setting foot in the river for the first time.

Here is Marc Gauthier’s Practical Guide to Salmon Fishing, which is an excellent tool for beginner anglers.

We are happy to make this great tool freely available to those who wish to learn basic fishing knowledge before their big day on the water.

Happy reading!

Click here to download the PDF version of the Guide


A new experience

Just imagine! You get to your favorite pool at the crack of dawn and the water is crystal-clear. You can spot a few salmon all lined up together. Adrenaline rushes through your veins. You carefully choose your fly and cast it with the utmost delicacy. A few casts … and nothing happens. One more … and suddenly “BANG!” A big bright salmon violently crushes your fly. The fight is on…

Is this something you’d like to try out for yourself? (French version only)