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Saint-Jean-Saguenay River

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Saint-Jean-Saguenay River

The Saint-Jean River in Saguenay rises in Lake Brébeuf, in the heart of the Laurentian Mountains, and flows 37.7 kilometers down to the Saguenay Fjord near the quaint little town of Anse-Saint-Jean. Anglers relish the river’s swift pace, which flows at 16 m3 per second on average and up to 200 m3 per second in high water conditions. These important variations in levels are reflected in the river’s wild nature—hence the numerous rapids and eddies along its course. You may only wade fish for salmon and sea trout on a 10.5-kilometre stretch of the Saint-Jean-Saguenay River.

These waters have been fished for over a century, beginning back when Sir William Price founded the first fishing club on the Saint-Jean-Saguenay River. In 1986, the river became virtually dry due to an incident involving a hydro dam built in 1957. Fortunately, the community took action to restore the salmon resource.

As a result, the Corporation de gestion rivière Saint-Jean-du-Saguenay was created in 1994 in order to manage the river and the fishery. Then, in 1996, further development was prompted in response to the Saguenay flood wiping out facilities and altering several fishing pools.

The waters of the Saint-Jean River in Saguenay are primarily shaded in brown due to the river bottom’s dark color. There are five sectors in total: two with limited access (15 pools) and two with public access (31 pools), that hold both salmon and sea trout, and also sector 5 which is reserved for brook trout fishing (6 pools). Along the shores of the river, you will find several interpretive panels about salmon and its lifecycle.

Besides fishing for Atlantic salmon, there are also great opportunities for catching sea-run brook trout on the Saint-Jean Saguenay River.


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  • Accompanying person


River manager

Corporation de gestion de la rivière Saint-Jean-Saguenay


10 km open to fishing

Types of fishing

Wade fishing

Fishing season

June 15th to September 15th

Pools and Sectors

52 pools spread out over 3 limited access sectors and 2 public access sectors

Daily catch limit per angler

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