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SOS poaching

SOS poaching

Poaching is a major problem

Poaching is a major problem that jeopardizes the survival and conservation of many fish species. To help us in our fight against poachers, we urge you to cooperate with wildlife protection officers and with the employees of the organizations that manage our fisheries.

The term “poaching” refers to any hunting and fishing activity that does not comply with the applicable laws and regulations. Such practices can seriously undermine sustainable wildlife management efforts. In addition to protecting wildlife, the fight against poachers involves protecting wildlife habitat.

If you witness a poaching incident, report it to a wildlife protection officer by contacting Quebec’s anti-poaching program, SOS Braconnage:

  • By email : centralesos@mrn.gouv.qc.ca or
  • By phone : 1 800 463-2191  (this number should only be used to report a poaching incident)

When you are reporting a poaching incident

Don’t touch or move any object at the site of the poaching incident.

To facilitate the wildlife protection officer’s efforts to find the poacher(s), share all the information you might have that is relevant to the offense, such as:
  • the date, time and nature of the offense you witnessed;
  • identity or a brief description of the suspect;
  • description and licence plate number of the vehicle;
  • the precise location of the incident and how to get there.




Examples of poaching or suspected poaching incidents:

  • Someone fishing before the season opens;
  • Fish entrails near a body of water during the closed season or during a mandatory catch-and-release period;
  • Someone using prohibited equipment or tackle to catch fish;
  • Someone catching more than the legal limit of fish;
  • Someone selling a species of fish whose sale is prohibited.


Examples of actions that may disrupt or destroy fish habitat:

  • Extracting gravel from the bed of a river;
  • Filling in a body of water;
  • Modifying the channel of a watercourse;
  • Diverting a watercourse;
  • Building a non-compliant culvert across a watercourse.


Source (french) : http://www.mffp.gouv.qc.ca/faune/sos-braconnage/