A trademark of the Fédération des gestionnaires de rivières à saumon du Québec
Terms and conditions

Netiquette or small guide of behavior on social media

Social media managed by Salmon Quebec have certain rules. Users are advised to read it before interacting with social media. It is assumed that these conditions are understood by all and, therefore, apply without notice.

Salmon Québec owns the following accounts:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Google +
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest

Only these social media are recognized by senior management and the Salmon Quebec board. Profile pages or any other social media publishing under the trademark of  Saumon Québec is exposed to legal consequences.

Social media are in place to inform, promote, but also to allow an exchange. Users are invited to participate in discussions. However, certain rules apply.

  • Salmon Quebec encourages broadcasting and sharing of information made available to subscribers.
  • Salmon Quebec strongly encourages subscribers to write using a quality English in discussions.
  • Salmon Quebec wishes to remind you to use the capital letters with moderation as  their use is equivalent to shouting out loud.
  • Salmon Quebec asks subscribers to communicate with respect in their remarks. Any comments considered disrespectful, racist, sexist, aggressive, violent and or harassing will be deleted.
  • Salmon Québec reserves the right to exclude a subscriber if it violates the terms and conditions. Salmon Quebec will, however warn the subscriber in advance.
  • Publications of advertising nature are not allowed and will be removed. Only advertisements published by Salmon Quebec are allowed.
  • The articles of criminal and civil laws of Québec must be respected.
  • In emergency situations, the use of social media may prioritize publications of urgent information, therefore interactions with customers can be delayed or suspended.
  • Complaints will not be processed on social media and should be addressed to Salmon Quebec. Contact information is available on salmonquebec.ca

Salmon Quebec reserves the right to change without notice the netiquette. Social media are managed on the opening hours of our office, Monday through Friday. Answers to the questions and comments will be handled during this period.

Salmon Quebec appreciates your understanding.