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Société de gestion des Rivières de Gaspé

Breathtaking scenery and tranquility with spectacular fishery!


Société de gestion des Rivières de Gaspé (SGRG) is a nonprofit organization that has managed sport fishing on the York River since 1980, the Dartmouth River since 1983, and the Saint-Jean River since 1993.
The mission of SGRG is to manage Atlantic salmon sport fishing on the 3 Gaspé rivers in accordance with the principles, laws, and regulations governing controlled harvest zones and wildlife reserves. It is dedicated to preserving and protecting salmon as a resource and developing an environmentally based educational approach while at the same time ensuring the organization's financial viability.

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25 boul. York Est
Gaspé (Québec) G4X 2K9

Phone : (418) 368-2324
Tool free number : 1-866-332-2324
Fax : (418) 368-7353

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