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Would you like to feel a true connection with nature and experience a thrilling adventure? To find yourself immersed in Quebec’s most breathtaking wilderness landscapes? To set out on an incredible fishing journey where you will encounter excitement, challenges, make memories and have many great stories to share about? Nothing surpasses having the chance to catch one of the mightiest fish species of all—the Atlantic salmon—the king of our rivers and of all fish.

Salmon fishing as a sport is accessible to all, and can be done regardless of your budget! There are more than 60 salmon rivers flowing throughout Quebec. No matter where you happen to be in our beautiful province, you are only one river away from catching the elusive Salmo salar! You can discover the nearest rivers either with friends, family, or by yourself.

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Quebec is very unique around the world when it comes to Atlantic salmon fishing as a sport. Here, you will find more than 60 beautiful and accessible salmon rivers, spread over 6 of the province’s main regions. Quebec stands as a reputable, accessible and affordable fishing destination.

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Before you head out, make sure you have the proper equipment and that you know the basics regarding salmon fishing. You can even participate in an introductory activity if you wish to.