Here are the members of our team at the FQSA, the Salmon Foundation and the SSRR


Myriam Bergeron | Executive director | M. Sc. Biologist

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Shortly after completing her studies in biology and oceanography, Myriam landed her first position at the Fédération québécoise pour le saumon atlantique as administrative assistant. She climbed every possible ladder from a project manager to biologist before being named assistant director and finally executive director, a position she has held since 2019. Passionate about nature, sound ecosystem management and fishing, she wants a federation that is responsive to and at the service of its members. Since 2023, Myriam is also the Executive Director of Zecs Québec.

Pierre-Olivier Fortin | Director of operations

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Pierre-Olivier (or P-O for short) is the FQSA’s Director of Operations. As such, he oversees that the federation’s various projects run smoothly. These projects range from acquisition, knowledge, awareness, river restoration, Atlantic salmon management, etc. He also acts as a liaison between salmon river managers and FQSA management. He coordinates certain programs, including the Fonds d’aide à la protection des rivières, which allows all river management organizations to carry out their protection, counting and salmon transportation operations.

Steeve Caisson | Administrative assistant

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A cheerful administrative assistant who knows how to tell a joke, Steeve is the contact person for all team members, as well as being the go-to person for all members, non-members or anyone interested in learning more about salmon fishing. He is responsible for the FQSA membership and is the one to contact for any questions regarding the FQSA, the Salmon Foundation or the SSRR.

Alexandra Déry | Project manager | M. ATDR Biologist

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Our biology and land use project manager handles a wide range of projects for the FQSA. Among other things, she coordinates the educational program Histoire de saumon, writes popularized scientific articles for the Magazine Saumon and writes scientific opinions and other briefs. In addition, she participates in data acquisition field campaigns. Our most recent projects are thermal monitoring of rivers and salmon river and tributary culvert surveys. She also collaborates in the planning of scientific events and is responsible for the Social Club!

She is also in charge of certain mandates with the Romaine River Salmon Society, including communications and social media management.

Antoine Gagnon-Poiré | Project manager forestry/geomatics| M. SC. Géographie


Given his long-standing interest in science and natural environments, Antoine has found the perfect position within the FQSA. This opportunity allows him to actualize his professional aspirations, combining passion and work, and this in the service of Atlantic salmon and anglers. Over the course of his university studies, he focused on understanding aquatic environments and their evolution over time, using geographic information systems (GIS).

He holds several projects dear to his heart, including the acquisition of knowledge on salmon habitat, particularly with respect to thermal refugia and anthropogenic pressures such as logging. In addition, he wishes to continue to improve the mapping documents related to salmon rivers, which are effective tools for information and dissemination to the fishing community, river managers and scientists.


Patricia Lacasse | Events coordinator

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A true Excel spreadsheet wizard, with great organization and creativity, Patricia is the leader of all FQSA events, such as the PALM Festival and the Atlantic Salmon Knowledge Forum, among others. She has also developed a strong expertise in the production of content such as video clips and podcasts. Patricia also manages partnerships for the FQSA and contributes to the organization of fundraising events for the Fondation Saumon.

Jérémie Coderre | Communications coordinator

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Jérémie manages all of the FQSA’s communications. Requests for interviews, social media, newsletters, promotion of our events, website, press releases, press reviews, photos, videos, etc. He is also the editor of the magazine Saumon Québec. As you may have guessed, routine is not part of his daily work life, and he collaborates on many projects with his colleagues!

Sabrina Labrie | Junior Project Manager


Passionate about the outdoors and environmental protection, Sabrina is a junior project manager who works with several members of the scientific team on various environmental projects. She completed a 3-month internship at the end of her bachelor's degree in geography and then joined the FQSA team. Sabrina works on projects such as the Atlantic Salmon Conservation Plan and the sustainable development of sport fishing on several salmon rivers. She also participates in field data acquisition campaigns and carries out mapping work.

Salmon Foundation

Éric Poirier | Executive director Salmon Foundation and FQSA Project coordinator

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A marketing expert, Eric is passionate about salmon fishing, something he has been doing for as long as he can remember. In addition to coordinating the infrastructure support program of the Plan de développement de la pêche sportive au saumon (PDPS), he is the chief architect of the Fondation Saumon’s operations and development. This includes responsibility for all charitable fundraising for Atlantic salmon within the organization, as well as many other related duties in the management of our Foundation!


Yves Richard | Director of the Société Saumon de la rivière Romaine

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Yves has been the Director of the Société saumon de la rivière Romaine since 2023. Prior to this position, he was the SSRR coordinator for almost 6 years. Calm and collected, he is an outstanding manager and has a strong background and experience in wildlife.