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Carte - Charlevoix

Access to the region

Located an hour's drive from Quebec City, Charlevoix is accessible via Route 138. Two secondary roads, 381 and 170, link the region to the Saguenay region. The region is also accessible by bus and train.

Image | Charlevoix

Breathtaking scenery

Two rivers, on the north shore of the St-Laurent east of Quebec City, offer superb landscapes of wild, rugged valleys. The region is a delight for artists, gourmets and... fishermen!

These salmon rivers, the first north of the St-Laurent, originate in a massif dotted with wonderful national parks, and flow through forested valleys of unspoiled nature. The water has reflections of brown and red earth. Downstream, these rivers meander through bucolic settings before emptying into the river at the height of splendid towns and villages. The scenery is breathtakingly beautiful, and can be admired from a number of well-maintained trails.

It's easy for anglers to find places to stay and eat. From bed & breakfasts to sumptuous hotels, from family-run kitchens to gourmet relays, the possibilities are endless and can suit any budget. What's more, the Charlevoix region offers an equally considerable variety of tourist and cultural attractions, some of which are world-renowned.