Discovery day

The discovery day

Organized in collaboration with Shakutaimu and Pêche au féminin

A day of sharing with indigenous communities

Discovery Day is an event dedicated to sharing knowledge between non-natives and natives about salmon fishing and the many aboriginal traditions surrounding this resource. This one-day event will bring together current salmon fishing practices, the indigenous community's involvement in managing the resource, and the practice of its traditional activities.

This one-day event has been designed to train the next generation of salmon sport fishers on the rivers of the Côte-Nord region, but more specifically to encourage exchanges and the sharing of knowledge between non-natives and natives. To ensure the sustainability of the Moisie River salmon resource, it is imperative that we all work together to understand the various issues affecting the resource and create harmony between all users present on the territory.

Saumon Québec is partnering with two women-run businesses to organize this activity: Pêche au féminin and Shakutaimu, whose managers will be an integral part of the event!

Thank you to our partners