Access rights, draws, forms and maps


Select the river of your choice to obtain your access rights

The access right is your "day ticket" to the river. This, along with your annual Atlantic salmon fishing license, are required to fish a salmon river. Access rights for public sectors can easily be purchased online at the links below.

To try to access a restricted sector, go to the "Draws" page.



The ZECS without online platforms

Some ZEC don't have any online platform to purchase access rights. You can buy them on the phone :

  • GRANDE RIVIÈRE 1-888-667-2566 
  • CAP-CHAT RIVER 418-786-5255 
  • DES ESCOUMINS RIVER 418-233-3121 


Some rivers, like the Grande Cascapedia, the 3 Pabos rivers, the Sainte-Anne and the Patapedia, to name a few, are fully restricted. To fish them, participate in the draws.

On the North Shore, the majority of salmon rivers are managed by private outfitters.