Fishing on the

Corneille River


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Corneille River

The Corneille River Outfitter is established at the confluence of the Corneille River and the mighty Gulf of St. Lawrence. The camps are set on an island made from one of the oldest granite formations in the world, and are surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean’s salty waters. You are almost guaranteed to spend a productive day of salmon fishing along the outfitter’s angler-friendly waters.

You can easily get to the camp by driving down Route 138 towards Havre-St-Pierre. The Corneille River Outfitter is located 60 kilometers east of Havre-St-Pierre, at the 1279 kilometer mark, in the heart of the Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve of Canada. The camp workers will greet you on the main shore and then take you to the island in a canoe.


  • Equipment rentals

  • Guide

  • Chalet


River manager

Les Pourvoyeurs de la rivière Corneille inc.


19 km open to fishing

Types of fishing

Wade fishing or Canoe fishing

Fishing season

June 15th to September 15th

Pools and Sectors

12 pools

Daily catch limit per angler

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