Fishing on the

La Loutre River


La Loutre River

The La Loutre River is a small crystal-clear river that flows 24 kilometers down the southwest coast of Anticosti Island. Rapids make up for about 60% of the river’s course, making it the Island’s most turbulent salmon river, along with the Jupiter River.

Just like on every other Anticosti salmon river, fishing on the La Loutre River is absolutely fantastic. The ocean breeze, the deer and wildlife, and the river’s unspoiled nature create an incomparable atmosphere. However, conditions are very reliant on rain and the weather: if there is only minimal precipitation, the salmon will often stick to the bottom of the pools in order to save their energy, becoming much less active.

The water is so transparent at the mouth that you can actually see the salmon entering the river under clear skies. Good-sized anadromous brook trout will also keep anglers very happy. Thirteen pools have been mapped on this river, which is managed by the Société des établissements de plein-air du Québec (Sépaq).


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