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Musquaro River


Musquaro River

Marked by several rapids, the Musquaro River flows gracefully into the Gulf of St. Lawrence 15 kilometers outside of Kegaska. It meanders for 148 kilometers in total, occasionally widening to form series of lakes.

Its Innu name “Mashkuanu-shipu”, signifies “a place looking like the tip of a bear’s tail”. This highly productive North Shore salmon river runs north-south alongside the other neighboring salmon rivers in the region, similarly reflecting the geological history of the Canadian Shield. The feisty salmon of the Mousquaro River are prevented from moving past an impassable waterfall located 13 kilometers from the mouth. The average catch here weighs between 5.5 lbs and 10 lbs.

Exclusive salmon fishing rights on the Musquaro River have been granted to J.M.L. Outfitters, which is nestled on an island about 9 kilometers upriver. You can get there by floatplane or helicopter from Havre-Saint-Pierre or Natashquan. Salmon fishing starts in July, and can be done whether by boat or wading throughout the season. Brook trout and landlocked salmon fishing enthusiasts will certainly be pleased with the abundance of these species found in the 48-kilometer section managed by the outfitter.



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