Fly tying contest


2023 Edition


1. We accept all flies submitted to us. It is therefore possible to submit flies that do not comply 100% with the list of materials below. Please note, however, that compliance is assessed by the jury.

2. When we propose substitutes, it's because the original feather is very difficult to obtain. If we don't offer substitutes, you'll have to obtain the feather in question to comply with the pattern.

WET CATEGORY: Thunder and lightning

Imposed model

Creator: James Wright

TIE ON A 1/0 SIZE HOOK. (Hook with metal eye or no) - (buy here)

TAG Flat gold tinsel - (buy here)

TIP Yellow floss (buy here)

TAIL Golden pheasant crest (buy here) and indian crow*

*As a substitute, we accept:
1. Indian crow substitute
2. Red golden pheasant feathers (buy here)

BUT Black ostrich feather (buy here)

RIBS Gold oval tinsel (buy here)

BODY Black floss (buy here)

HACKLE Dark orange (buy option 1 or option 2)

COLLAR HACKLE Blue dyed Guinea hen feather (buy here)

WING Bronze mallard flank (buy here)

TOPPINGS Golden pheasant feather (buy here)

CHEEKS Jungle cock feathers (buy here)

HEAD Black (buy here)

*Please note that the Thunder & Lightning photo has been modified since the contest was launched. Editors have pointed out that the original photo could be confusing, so we've made the changes to avoid confusion. Editors, please remember to rely on the attached pattern first. The photo is for reference only, and you will be judged on your proportions, the overall look of your fly, and respect for materials and colors.


Imposed model

Creator: Yvon Gendron


TAIL White calf tail hair (buy here)

BUT Fluorescent green deer hair (buy here)

BODY Natural deer hair turned, packed, and cut into cigar shape (buy here)

HACKLE Two brown rooster saddle feathers, ribbed along the entire length of the body (buy option #1 or option #2)

WINGS White calf tail hair, divided into two equal parts to form a "V" with a 45° opening (buy here

HEAD Black (buy here)


For this category, the only constraint is to create a fly (classic, drowned, spey, dry, etc.) inspired by the colors of a butterfly. The only limit is your imagination!