Salmon fishing in the

Gaspé peninsula

Carte - Gaspé peninsula

Getting there

Sainte-Flavie is known as the starting point of the Gaspé Peninsula, where Route 132 splits into two roads forming an 844 km loop. This road is referred to as the “Tour de la Gaspésie”. It is from there that you must choose between the southern and northern route. You may also access the region by bus, train, ferry, and airplane. There are airports in the towns of Gaspé, Bonaventure and Mont-Joli.


Fishing paradise

Flowing through immense valleys, the 22 salmon rivers of the Gaspé Peninsula are famous for their crystal-clear waters and their thousands of different turquoise and emerald hues. Most of them flow in a north-south or south-north direction over pretty beds of stones and pebbles. Every one of these rivers meandering down from the Chic-Choc mountain range runs through unique wildernesses and ecosystems due to the different microclimates in the environment.

These spectacular rivers are easily accessible, and welcome both beginner and expert salmon anglers. In addition, most of them lead right into or near the heart of a quaint seaside municipality.

Each one of these rivers springs from an unspoiled natural environment and figures among the purest and clearest in the world. This, along with the quality of the fishing and the warmth of the local people, has made the Gaspé Peninsula a world-class fishing destination.

Image | Gaspé peninsula
Image | Gaspé peninsula