Salmon fishing in the

North Shore

Duplessis and Anticosti Island

Rivers in the region

Carte - North Shore Duplessis and Anticosti Island

Getting there

Duplessis: Route 138 is the main highway that runs north along the St. Lawrence River as far as Natashquan, through a dozen other municipalities. You can make your way up to the northern inland towns such as Fermont and Scherfferville by driving from Baie-Comeau, or by taking the train from Sept-Îles. You may also get to the Lower North Shore region by boat or plane. Anticosti is accessible by boat or plane as well.



A grand nature

Twenty seven mighty salmon rivers are waiting to be discovered in this vast territory. Here, the land is wild and spectacular, and full of salmon known for their great combativeness!

This huge area comprises both Duplessis and the fishing and hunting paradise of Anticosti Island. As you travel east along the St. Lawrence River into the Duplessis region, you will see how the landscape is changing: the black spruce hills and marshes are gradually giving way to a sparser vegetation. Everywhere, the land is untouched, vast and wild. Its harsh nature and rugged aspect is one of the things that makes the North Shore so appealing.

Duplessis rivers tend to show impressive beauty, flowing through steep valleys and leading to small villages scattered along the coast. Near the ocean, their waters have a typical brownish-fossil color, while on Anticosti, in the middle of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, the clarity of the rivers is striking. Just like the wild and rugged environment that these fish inhabit, the North Shore salmon are renowned for their aggressive nature.

Image | North Shore Duplessis and Anticosti Island
Image | North Shore Duplessis and Anticosti Island